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Direct mail marketing has been around for many years, long before the creation of the internet. And it works, because most businesses are still found in traditional mailboxes. Canada post mailers offer the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers, with a personal touch. Whether you have a small local business, a large corporation, or an online business, direct mailers are an effective marketing tool. If you’re interested in marketing to potential customers in Canada, contact a Canadian print and mail service today.


If you’re looking for the best direct mailer printing services in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. Rayacom Canada has been providing businesses with direct mail printing services for over 15 years. In fact, Canada Post trusts Rayacom to deliver its printing services all across the country. Rayacom can help you set up a Canada post mailer campaign, and also print your marketing materials and promotional items. Marketing is the true expression of a brand. To succeed, you need to create the desired impression in the minds of your target audience. With custom marketing materials from Rayacom, you can be sure to make a great first impression on your target market. Their experts can help you choose the right products, and they have the experience to deliver them in a timely manner. Whether you’re looking to send your mail to homes, businesses, or even rural areas, they have your back.

Canada Post

You’ve probably heard about Canada Post’s direct mail service and wondered if it can meet your needs. With their services, you can easily generate shipping labels, schedule pickups, and send multiple orders at once. With a per-piece pricing system, you’ll pay the lowest rate on the market. And, they’ll even pay the goods and services tax. But, if you need more than just postal service, you can also turn to Postalytics. They can print and mail everything in Canada, regardless of size. You can also create personalized offers with direct mail. These can range from a small flyer to a specialized piece of oversized mail. Canada Post defines direct mail as “physical advertising” that targets a specific group of consumers. In addition to finding new customers, this type of marketing can also boost the value of existing ones. The personalized nature of direct mail helps you target your audience with a targeted offer. And because you can choose exactly which customers you want to contact, you can make your mailings highly personalized and relevant.

CGI Document Management Services

CGI Group Inc. announced today that it has formed a partnership with Canada Post, providing printing and mail services across the country. This five-year agreement is expected to generate 125 million impressions and 52 million mail pieces a year. The two companies plan to streamline processes and provide better customer service. In addition to offering , CGI will provide electronic document solutions, as well. For more information, visit Canada. Document management is an important component of electronic records management. These services can help eliminate large documents, while fostering core development. They can also help you manage the records center of your organization, which can include paper forms, electronic documents, audio, and video files. With CGI Document Management Services Canada print and mail services, you can easily manage your documents, mail, and more without the hassle of keeping records in separate locations.

Postal code targeting

Canada Post has extensive customer data and audience insights. It can pinpoint specific audiences based on geography, lifestyle, and demographics. You can then create targeted mailings with different direct mail pieces to target your audience. Using Canada Post audience insights, you can use the data to make more informed marketing decisions. It’s important to note that the data is updated monthly. Therefore, it’s best to check the most recent version before using it. Postal code targeting for Canada print and mail service companies can help you target a specific market with the help of Canada Post data. This service can be customized to your needs, based on demographic, geographic, and buying behavior criteria. It can be delivered within three to five business days. Postal code targeting is a powerful solution to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budget. Canada Post’s data can help you find a new audience similar to your existing customers.