Direct Mail Service for Real Estate and Healthcare Services

With a comprehensive medical mailing service, a real estate and healthcare firm can easily keep its clients in mind. Direct mail can also be used to remind prospects about their services. For this purpose, it is beneficial to send out resources that recipients can hold on to. The resources do not have to be related to the business, but rather to the person or organization providing them with the information. In addition, direct mail is an excellent way to remind prospects about the benefits of working with your company.

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Medical Mailing Services

Healthcare organizations can use to promote their location to potential patients. These mailers are highly personalized and can include a Google Maps link to help patients find a facility nearby. While generic campaigns may not be profitable today, healthcare mailing services help businesses market to their targeted patient base. Healthcare mailing services are HIPAA-compliant, ensuring confidentiality and security of patient data. With a full guide to avoiding legal issues, healthcare providers can feel confident that they’re following the rules.

PostGrade also offers address validation through its API, which ensures the accuracy of address data. With its address verification software, users can select a specific area and get highly accurate results. PostGrade’s address validation process helps prevent lost shipments due to address errors. The API can also validate the address, eliminating delays and incorrect formats. The services PostGrade provides will save you time and money by eliminating the need to manually check addresses.

Cloud-based Software

The power of PostGrade’s cloud-based software has been the main reason for its success in the direct mail industry for over seven years. The powerful software allows you to automate every aspect of your direct mail campaigns, from sending your mailings to invoicing. You can easily make changes to your mailings at any time, and you can save your designs and keep them accessible at all times. You can also use different marketing templates for different campaigns, which will help you stay consistent and keep your marketing materials fresh.

Regardless of your business’ size and industry, is flexible enough to handle any number of mailings at once. The flexibility of PostGrade’s automated system makes it easy to manage a campaign of any size, with virtually unlimited customizations. Its scalable platform can grow with your business and expand as it grows. It has more than 100 integrated features, so it is ideal for any type of direct mail marketing strategy.

CRM integration

By integrating your direct mail service with your CRM, you can automate the entire process and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. With PostGrade’s CRM integration, your postcards will be sent to prospects automatically for specific events or if a lead isn’t responsive. You can also send postcards automatically to your list of leads based on their activity. And with a few clicks, you can easily add customer data to other applications, including CRMs.

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